What Is The Importance Of Harmony Within Diversity

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Luqman, Fahmi, Ravi and Lim were laughing their heads out. Merriment filled the school’s atmosphere as it was the last day of school. The four buddies were chatting joyously as they walked home from school. Along their journey home, they were abruptly stopped by a group of gangsters. They decided to avoid them by walking past them. They started mocking Lim and Ravi by calling them racist names like yellow and brown skin. Even then, they received no reply. They decided to provoke Ravi by pushing him to the ground. However, this prove to be no avail when Ravi didn’t fight back. Suddenly, the punkish boys started punching Ravi. Ravi’s friends were beaten up too because they tried to help him. This carried on for several minutes until passerby noticed and came to their aid. The best pals were hospitalized for three days. I beared witness to this incident and learned the necessity of harmony within diversity firsthand.…show more content…
The most significant importance is that people from different races will be able to live happily without any worries. They will be able to carry out their daily activities with no fear. Next, our country’s economy will be able to progress and expand. This is because the political system is stable and as a result, foreign investors will flood into the market. Thus, developing our country and as well as increasing our currency. If a nation is able to practice harmony within diversity then definitely the people will be able to enjoy the perks of

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