The Importance Of Perseverance

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What is perseverance? Is it more than just going after for what we want once or twice and then give up?No,perseverance is the ability of being persistent or consistent when doing something de-spite the obstacles,challenges one may face. Perseverance is one of the most important qualities a human being can have. Why? Because perseverance means to keep going on ,no matter what others may think or say, to keep fighting for what you want,your dreams. Because if we didn 't show per-severance in everything we do perseverance we wouldn 't be able to do anything at all,even less fight for what you desire the most.To be perseverant means to do whatever it takes for what you want,to be constant and always do your best while you are…show more content…
But I disagree because many of those that never learned how to have discipline,how our actions have consequences were able to achieve what they wanted having one thing always on mind: Perseverance.For exam-ple,Milton Hershey founder of the hershey Chocolate Company dropped out of school when he was out of fourth grade,and got fired several times of different jobs. Until one day he became an ap-prentice for a candy maker that got him down the candy making road.He failed three times at open-ing candy companies. Until one day he sold one of his caramels and became successful. As you can see, he lacked discipline and flunked several times,but when he learned that his true passion was,he kept trying over and over again until he was able to achieve his goal.This shows that with persever-ance we are able to achieve whatever we set our minds on. Admittedly it seems that he was perse-verant throughout but he wasn 't able to achieve what he wanted rapidly it took him so long,you might think he might as well have given up.But no,through his perseverance he was able to show that no matter how hard or long it takes you will always be able to achieve greatness if you try really hard and go for it despite
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