Time Equals Life Analysis

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One major important aspect to grasp for college is time management. Without time management college is going to be very difficult. All three authors that I will refer to throughout this letter all agree that time management with studying, homework, and etc. is very important for succeeding in college. Skip Downing believes that “highly effectively learners put in sufficient time on tasks”. Alan Lakein believes that “time equals life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.” Jess Mansour Scherman believes that setting goals and keeping organized will help your time management skills. I agree with all three authors that those aspects can help you improve your time management skills. I think…show more content…
Not only in college is time management important, but also in your general everyday life. Your time should be spent learning and broadening your knowledge. Wasting your time on video games instead of writing a paper or studying for a test is not something that should happen frequently. I’m not saying that taking time out of your day to relax is terrible, but you should monitor to amount of time you spend doing leisure activities. I personally love to take naps with my free time, but I know that if I take too long of naps or nap too frequently then I will not be getting things done that need to be done. In college you think you are caught up, but honestly you never are. If you think you have nothing to do, think again. You could be looking over and reviewing notes for your midterm or final that you will have at the end of the term. Also, never wait until last minute to do an assignment just because it’s not due until Friday and it’s only Monday. If you have free time you should capitalize on it and take full advantage of the time to start that assignment, you don’t even have to finish it, start it so that you can then spread it out over a longer period of time, it also will once again help you obtain that information much…show more content…
There is no doubt that there will be time when your time management isn’t going to be the best, but you should try to work on making it the best you can as frequent as you can. The best piece of advised I can give you from experience is to spend a majority of your free time reviewing material from earlier in the term to help with your midterms and finals. To prepare for college time management you should start making list and planning out your daily schedule immediately, even if it’s in the summer when have nothing but work and free time. Start writing down when you have plans and your work schedule on the same agenda, just to get into the habit of scheduling out your months and days. After three weeks of doing something it will become a habit, this being a good habit to obtain. I personally wish that someone would have explain the free time in college to me, because you think its “free time”, but it’s not, you can always be doing something like I explained earlier such as reviewing earlier
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