The Most Important Industrial Revolution

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The most important revolution of all was the collapse of the family and of the intimate community and their replacement by the state and market. Before the state and market took over, most people worked in family businesses such as the family farm or family workshop. Many people wove textiles.They also had cottage industries. The would have spinning wheels inside and therefore this business was easy and they could stay at home and work. This was very convenient and was passed down from generation to generation. In the 18th century machines were created to speed up the process of textile manufacturing. For example, the spinning Jenny. This was created in 1761 by James Hargreaves. This was made to spin wool faster. This was the start of the industrial …show more content…

This was propaganda, making people believe their lies. People did not want to move closer to the factories, however the machines had taken away all the money from the people. So, as a result they had to move closer to the factories. Some people had to give their kids to work because they would not want to starve, so if they gave their kids to work, they would get money. Children from the age of 4 and above were to work and if they did not work fast, they were beaten. In the year 1833 the Factory Act was made. The factory act suggested that no child under the age of 9 was allowed to work, 9-13 not more than 8 hours a day and children from the age of 13-18 not more than 12 hours a day. However this never happened. On top of all this, they had poor working and living conditions. To accommodate many machines into one building they made the ceilings low because they had many machines. There was cotton dust everywhere that was getting into the lungs of the workers causing diseases. The rooms were locked and there were no windows and no water. The machines also had looms which were not meant for the worker’s safety but for the machines to work

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