The Most Important Life Events That Changed My Life

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I have had many important life events that have impacted my life in a good way. Some are more important than others. They have helped me become, who I am today. The first event helped by teaching me how to be a good teammate, teaching me many physical skills, and helped me learn to focus and be intense. Through the second event, I learned how to follow rules, be obedient, and to choose between right and wrong. The third event taught me how to serve others, be a good leader for my peers, and become a better person. As I have grown from childhood into my adolescence the three events that impacted my maturity level the most are: starting to play organized basketball in the first grade, being baptized into my Church at age eight, and being ordained into the priesthood, when I turned twelve. To this day, I am still actively participating in the Church and in sports.…show more content…
When I first started to play organized basketball, I was in the first grade. My family had always been involved in basketball. They all played, shared their talents and skills, and were successful on the court. As I grew up, I spent countless hours in the gym, playing and watching basketball. When I was seven, I received a six-foot basketball hoop. It has become one of my favorite gifts. I practiced and played on it every day, which helped me focus. This built intensity, which helped me take basketball seriously. It is my all-time favorite sport. Some people wonder why I’m so dedicated, and love basketball so much. I tell them it’s because I love using my skills to be a better teammate, so my team members and I can be successful on the court. Basketball has helped me mature by helping me take responsibility, because I have to be responsible on the court and take
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