The Most Important Person In My Life

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The Important people in your life can have a massive effect on your life and how you will live it. When I think of an important person in my life, my mind always wanders to my grandmother. She helps me and my family members whenever we need her. It could be a small favor like an extra couple dollars for lunch to a larger favor as in living with her for a couple years. My grandmother would also be my hero. She always does anything she can to ensure that I and everyone else in my family and her own friends are a safe and comfortable. She has also effected the way I have changed from the time I was a child to now. If she was not the person I know her to be then I guarentee that I would not be the same person I am today. When I was a child I did not care about the consistencies of things and now I understand that everything I do and change will end as something different. These are just a few reasons how my grandmother is not only the most important person in my life but also my hero and changed me to who I am today. A Personality is something people will always remember about you. You could have a funny personality or strict and anything inbetween. If I could give any examples of my personality it would include the words awkward, kind, and forgiving. These personality trates make me who I am. Another thing about personalities are the qualities that you possess. For example, my qualities are very close to my personality type. I have a kindness in me along with the forgiveness

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