The Most Important Roles Of Social Media And Human Resources

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Social media has become a vital part of our lives as it has emerged to be the fastest medium for communication and source to acquire information. If we look around, social media has encircled each aspect of our life; may it be our personal life or professional. The most important advantage of social media is that how frequently it connects us with the other people. Social media is basically computer-mediated channels that serve the purpose of creating, sharing, and delivering the knowledge, information, ideas, career and business interest and various sort of usage through virtual networking or communication (Obar, Jonathan A.; Wildman, Steve 2015). There are numerous social media platforms that help us to be intact with the world such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tmblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype, Line etc.
Talent acquisition is a systematic process of attracting and recruiting the phenomenal people with talent who are, with the right skills; perform the right job for the right job (SHRM McIntosh 2016). Human resource is a backbone of any organization as its utmost purpose is to recruit right people for the organization, so those people can work for the company strategically. Therefore, acquiring talent is the main task of human resources. Human resource professionals use diverse ways to advertise a job and attract potential candidates as per their requirement. Advertising a job through newspaper, employee referrals, job boards, recruitment

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