The Most Influential Revolutions That Affected The Whole World

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The top three influential revolutions that affected the whole world were The Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, and the French Revolution.Their results include major changes in culture, economy and socio-political institutions. The revolutions influenced major sets of rights such as the English Bill of Rights and American Bill of Rights. Each fundamental change effected another uprising. The Glorious Revolution was when Mary and her husband William of Orange took the throne from James II in 1688. Sometimes it was called the Bloodless Revolution, although there was loss of life and fighting in Ireland and Scotland. This happened because tension ran deep between the parliament and king and restoration did not settle the fundamental questions of power between them. Then to regain fiscal autonomy and overthrow the Parliament, Charles II signed the Treaty of Dover with Louis XIV in 1671. The parliament was still unable to gain the upper hand and the solution became clear, Mary Stuart and her husband William of Orange. The deal struck between the royal couple and the…show more content…
It occurred because of many factors some being, ideas of enlightenment, an irresponsible aristocracy, and depression in 1789, all contributed to the occurrence. The American Revolution has a great effect on Europe, not only served as inspiration for France, but also showed that the liberal political ideas of enlightment were more than just something some intellectuals said. By declaring independance, America proved that it is possiblr to overthrow an old system and inspired many European nations and colonies to revolt. In 1799, Bonaparte organized a takeover abolishing the Directory and appointing himself as France’s “first consul”. This event marked the end of The French Revolution and the beginning of the Napoleonic
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