The Avengers: The Most Marvelous Heroes

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The Most Marvelous Heroes; The Avengers

So many hero movies have been released in the world so far, but from my point of view The Avengers is quite different from any other movies and very special. What do you think when you hear the number 623,357,910? To tell the truth, this number is an amount of a box-office gross, which one famous movie, The Avengers came out in 2012, made so far. Compared to other popular movies, The Avengers has recorded a dramatically larger box-office. This was the long-hoped-for movie for fans of Marvel comics. The popularity has spread not only in America but also in the world including Japan where the Marvel comics are not well known. This movie created new fans of Marvel. The most powerful superhero
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In general, superhero tends to be described as a super perfect godlike man who never afraid or fail unlike human. Conversely, heroes in the Avengers have approachable side. Thor, who is one of the main characters of the Avengers and is a thunder god, and Loki, who is the symbol of evil in this movie, are brothers. Loki has great vendetta against Thor, because Loki found himself was adopted. Therefore, he started to collapse the earth and humankind which Thor loves and values. Thor has a deep sense of guilt about it. Even the great god of thunder actually feels sad and worries with thinking of surrounding people same as we human do. Also, Iron man looks like not a man of matchless hero but an actual real alive person. He is always selfish and tends to commit extravagances without saying anything to his team members, hence he often earns frowns of disapproval from them unlike a superhero. Bruce Banner, who transforms into Hulk, hates himself because he cannot recognize good and bad things or anything during being Hulk. There are three more colorful members in the Avengers. Most of them are not normal people but mutants or having super power. Still, everyone has his own strong and weak point just like us. Because of their imperfection and understandable feeling situation, people can sympathize with the Avengers and feel them much closer than a perfect…show more content…
You cannot forget its strong plot once you watched it. The main idea is to defeat an enemy of the earth. However, the Avengers’ members always argue and fight one another whenever they meet. Joss Whedon, who wrote and directed The Avengers, said that he feels superhero movies are always very simple. The scenario is based on heroes versus their old enemies every time, and you can easily find who will be a winner. He believes that the movie will definitely become more than just a battle if the heroes are going to attack and collapse human life, so he has deleted some scenes that the audience may say “That is why the Avengers are needed (Whedon & Robert, 2012).” As mentioned above, the team members come from each different series, thus the correlation diagram of characters’ relations is very complicated and extremely huge. Though it is complex, the story is still wonderfully very easy to understand. Consequently, we can enjoy this huge story with no stress of struggling. What is more interesting attraction of this story is that all stories of their every each movies are connected deeply. That is why, you would be satisfied with these movies by watching in the way you want, however, these movies actually have an order to watch, and it starts from Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and lastly The Avengers.

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