The Most Responsible For Juliet's Deaths In Romeo And Juliet

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This play was about the two kids who were in love with each other. But there were some people who are responsible for their deaths. We going to find out who were the people responsible for their deaths. The three people who are responsible for their death are. The first person responsible for their deaths was the Friar. First reason is that Friar who gave the idea to Juliet. This happened because he was the one who made that idea. If he didn´t gave idea to her they might haven't kill their self. Second, he sended a letter instead of sending a letter he could call Remo before making the plan. He also didn't have another plan if that plan didn't work. Afterward, he is the one who allowed them to marry. He decided to marry them when he said, ¨For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancor to pure love” (Act ___, Scene ___). If he didn't do that they wouldn't kill their self.…show more content…
Capulet. First of all, Mr. Capulet told to marry Paris and he forced her to marry Paris but Juliet didn't want to. If he doesn't done that this wouldn't happened. He could just go over and talk to her they could just fixed everything. But instead of doing that he decided to force her ¨hang, starve,die in the streets, for, by my soul¨(Act___,Scene___).For this things he had done, he is one of the person who are responsible for their deaths. The third person that responsible for their deaths is the curse of Mercutio. First of all, the cursed might cause them to their death. In that time people believed in curses. If he hadn't said that this wouldn't happen. It´s also make sense that when he cursed both houses. He could cursed something else but he cursed them to die. He said ¨A plague o´’both your houses!(Act,Scene). The cursed cause their life to die because the cursed he said to die.This is why the cursed is of the thing responsible for their deaths. Curse is the most thing that responsible for their
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