The Most Significant Challenges When I Came To Usa

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I have faced my challenges in my life. However, I had faced the most significant challenge when I came to United States. I did not know english when I came to United states. I also struggled with learning phrases. When I came to United states, I was not able to speak, read or write english. I was able to speak chaldean but not be able to write it or read it. However, I was able to speak, read and write arabic. Both of the languages were not the similar to english. English has a different alphabet than the arabic alphabet. The school that I went to offered sheltered classes for the people who did not know english and they were taught english. I wanted to learn english fast and go to regular classes so I worked hard and studied a lot. I would spend at least two hour a day studying in order to leave the sheltered classes and go to the regular class. I was able to get out of sheltered classes the second year which is fast compared to other people.…show more content…
Most of the time I did not know what the phrases meant and I was too shy to ask my friends what they meant. I was afraid that my friends would make fun of me because I did not know what they meant. Therefore, I always acted like I knew what they meant. However, after a while it was bad because I did not understand many things since phrases were used a lot. So I started to ask my friends what they meant knowing that they might make fun of me, but they did not make fun of me. I was able to learn english faster than many people because I worked hard. I was also able to learn the phrases even though I was too afraid of asking what they meant. As you can see, I have faced and overcome the most significant challenges of my life when I came to United
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