The Most Surviving Epic Poem Beowulf

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The oldest surviving epic poem in the English language and the earliest piece of European literature, Beowulf. The story begins in the 8th and 11th century, by an anonymous writer. However, there are many stories about the supernaturals, actions, and the hero that are revealed in this epic him. Grendel Poem. This poem traces the skills, courage, and the greatest adventures of Beowulf, the hero.
First, we have the supernaturals of Beowulf. We have the villains that made Beowulf 's battles, which is Grendel, Grendel 's mother, and the dragon. He also fought the creatures in the lake, the sea monsters, and just about anything who picked a fight with Battles, Grendel being the first monster he story, which was known to be able to take out thirty men at once. Grendel 's mother however put up a fight for Beowulf, Grendel 's mother came for revenge against Beowulf killing her son. Beowulf cut her neck off with the giant sword that only he could lift, everyone else was too weak. Beowulf 's last battle was against the mighty dragon,
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Lastly, we have the Kennings which made a great part of the story.This is a story written in 1000 A.D. which also means old english, and some formal language that we do not use in the year 2000. Some examples from the text,’ Gold shinning hall” from Heorot, “shepard of evil’ for Grendel,’ those who are thrust into danger, clutched at by trouble, yet can carry no solace in their hearts, cannot hope to be better’. Definitely not the language we use today, but is something very interesting to learn. Its great to use tricky sentences like that to leave the reader thinking about what just happened and why it did.
The supernaturals, The speeches and styles, and the kennings are all very important views on the story, and puts it together perfectly. The oldest surviving literature in the 1000A.D. is still one of the greatest action stories, yet. heroes of life will soon come to an end, and Beowulf realized that during his last battle with the mighty

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