Motivation Towards Online Shopping

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The purpose of this research is to check that why and how people are being motivated towards online shopping and does this motivation leads to the help businesses to expand and generate more revenues. With the help of many of the sources it is clear that the people are being motivated towards online shopping due to technological advancements and to spend lesser time on shopping.
Technology has taken over. Everything is done using a machine even people have preferred shopping online. The trend is growing too fast increasing revenues from the online retailing. Researcher have been conducting a lot of research to see the impact of online shopping on the business, the role of internet shopping as a channel of distribution (Alba et al, 1997), factors influencing shopping online (Swaminathan et al, 1999) and the impact of online shopping on price sensitivity (Shankar et al, 1999).
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According to Journal of retailing published (Jayshankar, Kristey, Michael and Nadia, 2010) have used different attributes to differentiate between these shoppers. Following are the attributes shopping motivation, attitude towards shopping, shopping frequency, store loyalty and etc. Based on these attributes research depicted this result that the business that go to struggle either way to promote their product. If it’s an offline shopper, tools like advertising on billboards, pamphlets or brochures will be used and if the shopper will be online then the business will need to attract the customer through blogs, Facebook and the websites. However, the process of purchasing products or services via the Internet consists of five steps similar to those associated with traditional shopping behavior (Liang and Lai,

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