The Motivation Of Salva In Southern Sudan

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It was the summer of 1985 is Southern Sudan when many people sent out on a journey to have a better life. Salva, the main character was able to survive by using adaptability, positive attitude, and motivation. Salvas adventure was very crazy and scary. He watched many people die in front of him.

Salva had to adapt to the places he was at. Salva was once sleeping on a comfortable bed but now he is sleeping on the ground or whatever he could find to lay on. When he was walking he would have to sleep on the very hard ground and also there are the loud battle sounds in the background. Salva aso had to adapt to the cold in America. Because in Sudan it is always warm being by the equator. He had to adapt by wearing warmer clothes like a long sleeve shirt, long pants and a heavy coat.
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Salva had to have a positive attitude to want to walk 1,000 plus miles. The walk was very grueling and what made it worst is there was very little food and water. Since they ate so often it made a bunch of people get sick. Salva also had a positive attitude to watch his grandpa die and still to keep going. Ha wanted a better life.

Salva had motivation to keep walking. Some of his motivation is when they were crossing the river people would get bit by alligators and some even got hurt. So that made him want to get across by going underwater. He did not want to live through the pain if he got bit. Salva was also motivated by his own walk and not having much water. So he created a non profit organization to drill drinking wells for south Sudan.

That is how Salva survived by using adaptability, positive attitude, and motivation. Would you be able to survive like
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