The Motive, Bombinging, And Aftermath Of Oklahoma City Bombing

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The Motive,Bombing, and Aftermath of OKC Bombing On April 11 1995, residents of Oklahoma City began their day as they normally did. They did not realize it might be their last day on earth. At 9:02am their lives would change forever. The Murrah building was bombed and many people lost their lives. People may have wondered the motive, the bombing, and the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. An incident before the Oklahoma City bombing between the federal government in Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas left many individuals dead. In 1992 a shoot-out at Ruby Ridge between Randy Weaver and federal agents in Idaho left both Weaver’s wife and son dead. A year later in 1993 a standoff at Waco, Texas, left 80 Branch Davidians dead as well (Berry). One year before the Oklahoma City bombing, a group of people including Timothy McVeigh met in a trailer in Kingman, Arizona. The investigators on the case would later learn about McVeigh 's hatred toward the government due to the events that happened in Waco, Texas and at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. McVeigh chose April 19 because it was the two-year anniversary of the inferno siege in Waco. A few days before the bombing, Timothy McVeigh would use false identification with his I.D. reading “Robert D. Kling.” Timothy McVeigh would rent a Ryder truck in Junction City, Kansas, just north of Oklahoma City. With the help of Terry Nichols, McVeigh packed 108 bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, three fifty-five gallon drums of liquid
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