The Motorcycle Diaries And Dennis Gansel's The Wave

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Throughout our lives, all people will experience challenges and tests, and no matter the outcome, one will discover something about themselves and the world. Through this discovery, a challenge will open itself up. This is a never ending cycle in life, where both positive and negative results of the challenges in our lives will help us understand and discover. The events transpired in both The Motorcycle Diaries, an ideological autobiography about the discover of communism by Ernesto Che Guevara, and Dennis Gansel’s, The Wave (Die Welle), a German socio political film support this. Gansel’s film where history repeats itself through an experiment designed to help students understand the rise of a dictator, demonstrates this cycle between discoveries and challenges, and the positive and negative sides of both that arise. These juxtaposed sides are sourced from the purpose of the texts, with The Motorcycle Diaries intending to inspire and motivate readers positively towards a profound ideal, Communism, and The Wave intending to enlighten and caution viewers negatively towards a different profound ideal, Nazism.
The outcomes of challenges in our lives can lead to incredible benefits for us. Inspiring stories of people working hard and succeeding, even if they are simply “two hitchhikers with backpacks” motivate
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Both Dennis Gansel’s The Wave and Ernesto Che Guevara’s The Motorcycle Diaries explore difficult and overwhelming challenges which lead to adversely influential discoveries: political and social ideals, positive and negative. Exploring the impact of both on a group of people, the purpose of the texts differentiates the end result, with Guevara displaying communistic beliefs positively and Gansel cautioning audiences towards a very negative Nazism, this being the final discovery made for viewers through the

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