1408 Film Analysis

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Emine Arslan Dr. Pieter Verstraete Introduction the Film Studies 227 23 November 2015 Directed by Mikael Håfström, 1408 is a movie that would contain the genres of psychology and thriller. The movie is adapted by Stephen King's short story. It is seen as a successful movie due to having many awards by many film contexts. 1408 was nominated 8 awards and won 4 It won ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Fajr Film Festival International Competition - Best Film, Fright Meters Awards Best Actor - John Cusack and Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a Feature Film - Supporting Young Actress - Jasmine Jessica Anthony. The most important…show more content…
Fiction should be fictionalized by well-equipped authors to give the genres effectively. It should contain the thriller and psychological figures like dramatic events, psychological problems, broken human relationships, and traumas. These are the details that affect the audience in a psychologic way. For example, Michael Enslin – the main character – has been through a traumatic event. He has seen his daughter’s death and after that, he and his wife decided to separate. Loss of his daughter is a quite traumatic event that can affect the parents throughout their lifetime. This issue is mentioned in the movie. One can clearly see the negativity of this catastrophic event, especially on Michael. In one scene in the movie, while Michael is having a hard time in the room 1408, he starts to relive the moment of losing his daughter. It happens to him again and again. Losing his daughter is still somewhere in his subconscious, that’s why he has to come up against his downfalls in this…show more content…
It affects the audience in both sides. The audience is affected mentally by the variations of changing emotions meanwhile time they also sense the fear and are curious about the what is going to happen to the main character. These two genres are treated effectively in 1408 thanks to the main character’s acting. He reflects what he feels to the audience with his expressions and gestures. The room makes him go through his subconscious’s hidden places and makes him realizes with his fears. His mind is affected by this downfall sarcastically. The way that he behaves turns into an insane people’s way of behaving and reacting the happenings. The room makes Michael think about what he has been through till this time. While he is looking for a way to escape, the audience is all in curiosity about the breaking out. This curiosity sense makes the audience be excited about what he is going to do for getting rid of this unexplained, haunted room. Besides the fiction, a setting is a crucial element for combined genres movies. It should adapt to the genres’ basic features with decors or symbols. For example, cozy and not very lighted places give the sense of darkness and make he audience feel gloomy. Narrow windows, closed doors, broken locks, and clocks these all symbols compose an effect of
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