The Movie 42 Essay

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What was the movie about?

The movie 42 is about Jackie Robinson, the first professional african american baseball player. Jackie Robinson gets drafted to the Brooklyn Dodgers and plays for them during the 1947 season. Jackie Robinson defines all odds by not only being the first professional african american to play baseball but also by being one of the best players of the game. At first the Dodgers didn't want to play with robinson as the players signed a petition to do so. Robinson later lead the team to the world series but lost to the New York Yankees.

Who are the main characters?

Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson. The owner of the team Branch Rickey. The manager prior to Jackie Robinson joining the team Leo Durocher. Another …show more content…

Baseball is in every aspect of the movie. Baseball is defined when an african american joins the dodgers. It affects the movie because it adds segregation to baseball. The MLB had never seen anything like it. It affects the characters because baseball is Robinsons life. He is out there just trying to play the game and make money for his family but everyone is out to get …show more content…

As the announcer was announcing the ball game everyone in the movie was outside congratulating Ms.Robinson for what her husband was doing.

What positive and negative effects did the team or characters have within the movie?

A positive effect for the team was that the team itself increased skill wise because of robinson. Another positive was that it did draw attention to the team but it was mostly negative attention. A negative effect was that the team was getting judged because of one player. Also people were losing there spots because of Robinson.

How did sport act as a vehicle for social transformation in the movie?

The sport of baseball transformed the community by bringing the blacks and the whites together as one. White looked differently are blacks because of Robinson playing baseball. They came to realize they were all the same regardless of there skin color.

What did you learn about sports in regards to how it can affect people, a community, the place we live,

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