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The events that took place from November 4, 1979 to January 25, 1980 could’ve come straight from a sci-fi movie themselves, but they were very real. The movie Argo depicts the events that happened during those times in Tehran, Iran and the shocking event that happened at the US embassy in Tehran But compared to the true events described in WIRED’s article How the CIA used a fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans From Tehran, we can see large differences that can clear up a lot of details from the movie. These changes may not effect the movie, but it’s still important to know what really happened and to give credit where credit is due. After the storming of the embassy by militant students and the detaining of all embassy workers, only six US citizens manage to escape. In the movie those six immediately group together and slit out onto the streets and to the a Canadian diplomats house and waited for rescue, but in reality it didn’t go that smoothly. First, the group was much larger, but once they got to the streets five of the workers grouped up headed out together, the rest were all found and arrested. Second, the sixth member joined later and managed to escape because he was outside of the embassy. He even assisted the Marines on site at the embassy when it was stormed, by…show more content…
One of those were the calmness of the CIA operative Tony Mendez, the man who invented and completed the elaborate plan of their escape. In the film he is always calm and ready for every situation, but in reality he broke into cold sweats and almost blew his cover a few times. The movie also didn’t seem to capture the “realness” of studio 6, the fake film studio created to produce Argo. After their ad came out, with two big name makeup artists turned producers. it drew a lot of attention toward them. They received many scripts, including one from Steven Spielberg, and many other

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