The Movie Bolt: Why Dogs Are My Hero

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The theatre set was up in flames. There was a plume of black smoke billowing into the air, making it look like night-at noon. Everybody was outside, away from harm. So they thought. The director yelled out something about a girl stuck inside the set, and Bolt, a superpowered dog, rushed into the set through a small opening in the wall-an air vent- and came back with the little girl. While this is a fictional story about the movie Bolt, it shows how dogs can be heros and save lives. Dogs can also just be heros for normal reasons like staying at home and being there for you. Dogs are my hero(s) because they’re cute, loyal, defensive, and overall just awesome. First off, dogs are defensive. They can protect people from intruders; for example, if someone is robbed. Or, if anyone falls and gets hurt really bad, a dog might come to your aide. Dogs can also alert people; they have a great 6th sense and better hearing than humans, so they know if something’s about to happen. In addition, they bark when somebody arrives at a house; which gives a heads-up to whoever lives there. There’s also an awesomeness in almost every dog. They want to play all the time, and it’s fun to throw a ball really far and watch a dog chase it down. They’re…show more content…
I’ve never met a dog that ditched it’s owner unless there was a legitimate reason-such as abuse. Dogs are always there for people, and always love their master the most. These animals listen and don’t disobey, and can even be trained to get something for their owner at just a word. Dogs are also probably the most encouraging animal there is. If anyone’s down after a day at work or school, or if something else happened, (like getting rejected,) dogs are always there to cheer someone up. They’re also physically encouraging, like when a dog is running with it’s owner-it’s motivation for both the dog and the person. There are also service dogs, that will sometimes be brought into hospitals to enliven
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