The Movie Borderline Personality Disorder

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How borderline personality disorder develops is still not completely understood, but researchers do know that it is genetic, primarily in women. In the movie, it is implied that Susanna’s mother could also have the mental disorder but does not acknowledge or accept that it could be possible. As well as “it is possible that Susanna faced some traumatic experiences as a child, or that the emotional separation from her parents could have been a defining cause.” (Andrews 1) There are many treatments for borderline personality disorder, such as psychotherapy, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotic medications. In the beginning, Susanna forced to admit herself into Claymoore because she thinks she is going there to “get some rest” and will go home in a couple of weeks, even though she stays at the institution for over a year. Susanna is given medication and has to see a therapist, she is passive towards her doctors and does not fully cooperate to make herself better. After the experience of seeing how her best friend at the institution, Lisa is a very toxic person. She decides that she wants to get better and go out in the real world, thus not being involved with Lisa anymore. After this Susanna begins to work with her doctors and recovers back to a stable mental state within just a few months.” (Andrews 2) Susanna 's therapies include sleep aid medications, that she learns early on how to avoid taking them. She also goes through therapy, counseling, as well as field
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