The Movie Cyberbullying

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Rumble Inside the Screen “I don’t know why everybody hates me or maybe I do because I hate me too”, whispered Taylor in a scene from the movie Cyberbullied. Most importantly it was during Taylor’s suicide social media video. It’s obvious that cyberbullying has caused more suicidal attempts than face to face bullying. The kid who is getting cyberbullied will eventually attempt to commit suicide. We all need to agree that the kid that is being cyberbullied is completely humiliated. Not only humiliated but frustrated from viewers comments. A reason why cyberbullying caused more suicidal attempts than face to face bullying is because it is public. To better understand the situation, that embarrassing picture, or video is now shown to the world. Now even more bullying and rumors are targeted for laughs. Anger and frustration is built up that the kid can’t handle, which leads to the thought of suicide.…show more content…
Her friends would post false comments about her life. This now has others from school commenting their opinions about Taylor .Although nothing continues at school. Taylor eventually gives up and try’s to commit suicide. Before she does, Taylor makes an inspirational video on why would people do this to her. Everyone watches her video including her cyberbullying friend. Her friend makes it over to her house on time before the scene. This experience illustrates the cyberbullying does cause more suicidal attempts than face to face bullying, the fact that nothing continues at
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