The Movie Gladiator Maximus: A Tragic Hero

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Maximus, a noble man from the movie Gladiator who it rough from the start. A hero in my heart, but not a tragic hero according the the great philosopher greek Aristotle and the set of rules he established which were; nobleness, have a fatal flaw, death, misfortune because of his own action, and a far greater what they really deserve. Even though he did come close to meeting all requirements he didn’t because his actions didn’t make him fail. Every action he took was to see another day and live. At first Maximus was a spaniard man who lived in Spain but was captured by the Romans but what the Romans would do was invade countries and take their people so that they can fight for the Roman army or die. Later to find out Maximus would be the Roman…show more content…
He was a nobleman from the start. He was known for his nobleness and integrity. He had a tragic flaw, that he was so noble it cost him at times. He wanted the best for everyone in Rome and the people above him that he had to put his life in danger every battle and fight. Having been knifed at the end of the story caused him to die but he died a hero. He did have bad fortune but it wasn’t because of himself. He was captured and fought for Rome but when a gladiator he fought not to live for himself but for the men next to him. His fate brought him to great misfortune. So in my opinion he can’t be a tragic hero because his action weren’t what caused his death or misfortune, it was his nobleness. According to the newer tragic hero rules Maximus could make the cut but to me the original rules are what are meant to go by and not making one of the mandatory rules makes him therefore not a tragic hero. Yes, he was noble, had a lot of integrity (fatal flaw), had it bad from the start, and died but he didn’t having a turning point where he finally decided he was going to change his actions because they were causing his misfortune. He was prideful and noble from beginning to end. Therefore, Maximus is not a tragic hero. He was a heart in our hearts, but not a tragic hero accoriding to rule. He was very close to making the cut but he just missed. If only he had a tragic flaw that kept holding him back from succeeding he would’ve officially considered a tragic hero. Since he didn’t he is not considered a tragic
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