The Movie Inception

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Praveen Suthan
Mr. Adriel Wong
ENL 101
24th March 2015

The Power of an Idea in the film “Inception”

“We began with an idea and then it turns into something else”- Pablo Picasso. What Pablo Picasso was trying to say is that every idea that comes to mind plays an integral role in shaping our future or destinies in terms of finances or personal well-being. The movie Inception was widely regarded by critics and audiences around the world as a visceral and intellectual masterpiece. The film poises the power of an idea in which the protagonists perform psychological corporate espionage. The main protagonist, Dominick Cobb or Dom Cobb for short is a self-proclaimed “extractor” whom together with his team perform what is known as subconscious infiltration
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“An idea can transform the world and rewrite the rules, which is why I have to steal it”. What Dom Cobb was trying to imply was that great ideas and corporate feuds gave rise to people like him to make a profit based on the stolen ideas. The procedure that Dom uses which is to inject his targets with experimental military serum not only violates the privacy of the mind but also endangers their personal health. Not to mention that Dom is willing to kill people in order to finish the job. And all this just for a single idea. However, ideas can also make the world a better place. Two people with an idea on raising money for charity or medical research can quickly turn it into a huge corporation that helps people in need and collect funding form the public to aid medical research to produce cures for terminal illnesses. For example, a friend of college student Pete Frates who was diagnosed with ALS decided to pour a bucket of ice water on his head as a practical joke. This small idea turned into a worldwide phenomenon in which actors, various sportsmen and notable celebrities decided to post videos of them getting dunked with a bucket of ice water on their heads in order to raise awareness on the ALS syndrome. This campaign achieved notable success. In the movie, Professor Stephen Miles uses his knowledge and experience as an extractor to better teach his students about the mind and the subconscious. He also teaches them to use this knowledge for good purposes rather than to perform corporate

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