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This movie was made in 1999 and is based on a novel by Joe Connelly. He was a New York paramedic and a novel was based on the life of paramedic. The movie is all about the exhausted and depressed paramedic who is haunted by patients whom he failed to save. He was Frank Pierce, who works night shift with various partners, and he looks tired and depressed throughout the movie because he was not able to save any patients for a long time. Rose was one of them whom he was not able to save, and her face appears on the bodies of others. At the first part of the movie, Frank and his partner Larry respond to a call from a family of a man named Mr. Burke who has entered cardiac arrest. Mary who is a daughter of Mr. Burke got introduced to Frank while assisting her dad. Mary’s dad was not responding at all; Frank asks his family members to play a music because music helps people to comfort and forget the pain for a short period of time. At that moment, everybody in the family was disturbed and tensed; that may be the reason why Frank asked to play a music which is one of the symbolism of stress management, and it helps the family to lessen their stress.There is a character named Noel who is a drug addict and creates violent activities in the society, so he is frequently sent to the hospital. He was a child hood friend of Mary.…show more content…
They got a call from a shooting from one of the street of New York and when they reach there, Frank noticed a drug named “Red Death” roll out from the victim’s sleeve which proves it was a shooting by a rival drug gang. It was also the cause of cardiac arrest in the city which is spreading very much. On their way to hospital, the victim was scared of dying; he wanted to live more. When they got to the hospital, he deceased. Here, once again Frank was not able to save the life, he tried hard though. Drug is never good for humanity because it creates destruction and takes the life of

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