The Movie: The Amistad

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The essay that I am writing is about a movie that is call: “The Amistad”. The director of this movie is call Steven Spielberg, he is a director, productor and a screenwriter he is so famous because of his movies and his work. Many of his movies are: The Holocaust, The Amistad, Shark, Close encounters of the third kind and such. His work has impressed many people and audiences. The historical setting of the movie is 1800, when the slaves were captured by Tecora (The slave ship sellery), to 1841 when they were free back to Africa in Sierra Leone in Africa. There were African people which were black in the coast of Sierra Leone. In Africa, close from a tribe there was a slave ship sellery called Tecora in which the slaves that were captured were…show more content…
They were taking them to the states of he south but in the middle of the trip the slaves break their prisons and started a mutiny against the Spanish men. When the Africans killed most of the Spanish men, just two of the Spanish men survive and Cinque told them to take them to Africa, but they didn’t drove so well so by accident they arrived in the states of the north (in the United states), and it was illegal to have slaves in the states of the north. So, when the slaves arrived, so many countries were fighting to get the slaves. For example, the Queen of Spain, The Queen of England and The British Empire and people from the states of the south were in the supreme court fighting for the slaves. Roger Baldwin and Theodore Joadson were some Lawyers the were fighting against those all to set the slaves free. At the first court, after many investigations about the case, Roger Baldwin, and Theodore Joadson won the case. But unfortunately, the president, Martin Van Bauren make another court and change the judges. Roger Baldwin asked help to John Quincy Adams, but he refused. While Roger Baldwin was trying to find a way to understand the Africans the Africans were, some of them…show more content…
Cinque was either strong and wise because he bases his life in strength and his believes so I think that he was strong fiscally and

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