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This Essay is about the Amistad Case, the director is Steven Spielberg he is a very famous director, Steven born on 18 of December 1946, and he had made many popular movies like Jaws, E.T, Jurassic Park, Tintin, and a lot more, he had won many Oscars too. This happen in the US Civil War, in that time the US was on bad conditions because they were on fight between the South and North of the US because South wanted slavery and North didn’t want to have.

It all first started in a ship that was called ´´Amistad´´ that have it slaves inside the ship, the slave stake over the ship and killed all the crew except two of them, Joseph Cinque wanted to take the slaves free, Cinque forces the two of the crew to take them Africa, the two men were going to America and not Africa, they arrived the USA coasts, they were captured by the US navy ship, they were taked to jail, the salves were taked to court and several people claim the property for them, for example: The US
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Born on 1814 and died at 1879, he was a West African of the Mende people who fight on the Spanish slave ships ´´La Amistad´´, but they wanted to go back to Africa but it was to go America, or United States, and that made them go to jail, and suffer a lot, he was defending this tribe to go back to Africa, because they were enslaved illegaly throught Atlantic slave trade, Americans help to raise money to the return to Africa, he reached his homeland in 1842, when he reach there her wife and son were not there, probably they where slaved too, he was in 3 trials, to make them be free and go back to Africa, when he was in Africa, his tribe said that he killed a lion with only a rock, so everyone treat him very well, they give him, of the expensive cloth , etc. For the tribe he was the leader, Cinque did´t know why the people treat him so good, because he that he only thrown the rock and the lion die, he said that he was a lucky man that survive a lion, but people treat him like a leader
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