Sophie Hatter In The Moving Castle

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Sophie Hatter is the first child daughter of three girls, and is put under a spell by an evil the witch. This spell changes her appearance from that of a girl to an older, gruff woman. The witch changes her because of how she portrays herself on the inside, a failure. Sophie is convinced she will not be a success in life, because she is not confident on the inside. She fears just because she is the oldest, she will not be a success in life. This has to do with self confidence. Her confidence is completely missing. People in her life should not look at her and judge her by a rumor, but as a person. Sophie wants to break the spell in her life and from the witch. In this story, it is a double issue for her. She seeks help from a Wizard Howl and a demon to be young again. Poor…show more content…
For example, it can open the portal to the hills, the sea, the capital and the boyhood home of Howl. Of course, the boyhood home represents the past of Sophie. That she cannot move forward without knowing her past, it might be the door she does not want to go through, but it still needs to be revisited in order to move forward for her to have a successful future. The other portals represents which way in life Sophie needs to experience. The hills represent beauty and nature, and that even thought she is an old soul, she need to take the time to take it all in. The sea represents what lies ahead, that her future is vast and never ending. Sophie should not be defined as the oldest of two that works in a hat shop. Sophie needs to be the one in charge of her own future. I believe showing her these portals will make Sophie realize that she is not stuck in wallowing in a prophecy that she has determined not be her future. First borns need more attention from their parents in order to overcome this conclusion that is
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