The Mpemba Effect Speech

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The Mpemba Effect is the observation that warm water freezes quicker than cold water in certain circumstances. Warm water seems counterintuitive, but ultimately catalyzes the freezing process. In this analogy, the warm water represents disobedience and the freezing process represents social progress. Disobedience has a negative connotation, which contradicts the idea of positive progression, but in many cases, can actually accelerate it. Many commonly misinterpret disobedience as violence, when in actuality, some of the most powerful reformers in history have emphasized nonviolence. Rosa Parks, the Greensboro Sit-ins, and the Birmingham Campaign all validate the idea that disobedience generates social progress. The rebellious Rosa Parks kick-started the Civil Rights Movement through an individual act of defiance. On her way home from work, Rosa Parks boarded a Montgomery City Line’s bus. She respectfully paid her fares and made her way to the first spot in the “colored” seating. After a couple stops, the white section filled up and several other white passengers still needed seats. After moving the “colored” section sign behind Parks’ seat, the bus driver demanded that the four African Americans, including Parks, give up their seats to the white passengers. While the other three obediently receded to the back of the bus, Parks simply moved to the window seat. Rosa Parks claimed that she refused to give up her seat because her treatment as a second-class citizen infuriated
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