The Multi-Cultural Identity Of Canada

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Over the years there have been many world events and factors that have made Canada what she is today. There are many ways and things that uniquely identify Canada from other countries. Canada is considered a stable country, with her democratic government, prominent natural resources and trustworthy personality. Canada’s growth and acceptance of immigrants, celebrations of multi-cultural events and her own “homemade” attributes make her special and diverse. Canada is also known to be a just country because of our actions regarding Aboriginal people, Women rights and Japanese Canadians during WWII. World wars and many other historical events and growth over many decades have defined Canada as a stable, diverse and just country.

Canada’s democratic
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I think through multiculturalism, immigration and homemade attributes Canada shows a great deal of diversity. A major role in Canada 's diversity is immigrants. Since the 1800’s Canada has accepted over 13 million immigrants and currently immigrants represented 20.6 % of Canada 's current population. Immigrants can often bring traits from their “home” country to Canada and they evolve here, hence Canada celebrates and honours many multicultural events and holidays, in Ottawa, the nation’s capital there are over 100 multi-cultural events annually. Furthermore multiculturalism has pushed growth in Canada’s food selections. In Guelph, Ontario, my hometown you can find Chinese, Thai, indian and Mexican cuisine choices, and I believe these choices would be a standard model throughout many parts of Canada. This shows that Canada embraces and celebrates multiculturalism. In addition to multi-cultural cuisine choices, Canada is well known and recognized for her own “home made” choices. It’s not uncommon to hear stories that people from other countries, make efforts to taste or purchase maple syrup which we produce 71% of or seek out a vendor to purchase a beaver tail. In 2009 when President Obama was visiting our Prime Minister of the day, he…show more content…
Over the course of many years Canada has earned good reputation of being very fair, this includes Canada giving women the right to vote and we righted our wrongs with both the Japanese Canadians and the Aboriginal people of Canada. One topic that describes how Canada is fair is with the Japanese Canadians, Over the course of WW2 Canada made a huge mistake of putting all of the Japanese Canadians who were in Canada in internment camps. They jammed the Japanese Canadians in small huts and sold or destroyed everything they owned, over the course of the wars they interned over 20,000 Japanese Canadians. Recently in 2008 Canada decided this was not fair and apologized and gave money to all of the still living Japanese Canadians, although this may have not been enough to replace what they did to them in 1940 at least Canada was trying to show the Japanese Canadians that they want to be fair to everyone. Another major reason why Canada is considered so fair is because of what we did in the past for women 's rights. Canada was one of the first countries to let women into the workforce and also to let them vote on january 28 1916 to show the women that they wanted everybody to be equal. When Canada finally realized what they were doing to women was wrong they wanted to right their wrongs right away and make sure everyone was equal and let women vote. Finally

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