The Multiple Meaning Of Darkness In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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The multiple meanings of darkness in the novel “Heart of Darkness” In the Heart of Darkness, darkness act as the picture word for the entire novel and changes its meaning throughout the novel to symbolize different meanings when the story progresses. There is multiple meaning of darkness shown in the novel Heart of Darkness such as darkness in the action through colonization and the excuse of civilization, darkness in the character, physical appearance, ignorance and the native who were kept in darkness. In the novel Heart of Darkness, we can see darkness is portrayed in colonization. The Europeans after Colonization, they treated the natives brutally and inhuman. The natives were treated like an animal and they were dumped inside the pit to die and were also chained like criminals. The phrase “Anything-anything can be done in this country” (p.52) shows how the Colonizers behave in the native land like exploiting their land and killing people because there is no law which would control colonist’s dark heart. The darkness signifies civilization in the novel. The European invaded African in the name of civilization but in reality they came to Africa mainly to extract ivory from the natives. Civilization is the mirror to human nature…show more content…
Ignorance can also stand for darkness in the novel Heart of Darkness. “I could not tell her. It would have been too dark- too dark altogether” (p. 117). After Marlow return back to London, Marlow meets Kurtz’s fiancée. The woman who has really loved Mr. Kurtz so Marlow does not tell her the truth that Kurtz’s last words was “the horror, the horror” (p.106) instead he lies and tells that his last words were her name. The woman is kept in the dark by Marlow. ” In this novel we can see Kurtz’s fiancée who thinks that she knows everything when she tells “No one knew him so well as I! I had all his noble confidence. I knew him best” shows how for her all life, she was kept in dark and will continue to be in dark because of Marlow’s
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