The Multiverse Theories Of Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is a British science fiction series which began in 1963 and continues to this day. The programme centres on a TImelord by the name of The Doctor who travels through space and time in his TARDIS, a space-time ship disguised as a police box. Alongside the television series, Doctor Who also exists in a variety published media including comics, novels, audio plays and animations. This essay will attempt to bring these many media together and decide on what can be called a definitive “canon”. This will be done using The Multiverse theory which I will explain in detail throughout my piece, describing the problems associated with it, the benefits attached to it, in-Universe proof and its potential to fix continuity errors.

The Multiverse Theory is relatively simple. The main idea behind it is that rather than existing in a single Universe, as is commonly believed, Doctor Who takes place within a complex Multiverse with many instances of Universe hopping and crossover.

The Multiverse Theory, however, can take on many different forms. Fans argue over which media take place in which Universe and whether each medium takes place in its own separate Universe or in shared, parallel Universes which intertwine and split apart. It is very difficult to find adequate proof which would suggest a definitive answer, so a subjective take on The Multiverse Theory is necessary. The second option, however can be much easier applied to the Doctor Who Universe and is the one which I will
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