The Munich Pact

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The start of the second world war or the invasion of various countries by Nazi Germany and its leader Adolf Hitler started pretty blood free. The first annexed Austria in which was allowed since the long history that Germany and Austria had. The next country Hitler invaded is Czechoslovakia another country which in the German side was relatively easy by the appeasement that the major countries of Europe agreed to. This was the beginning to some as the start of what would world war two. The Munich pact, which gave Hitler certain areas of Czechoslovakia was see as the beginning of the end for Europe to be peaceful. Hitler grew his power by invading more countries and this finally caused France and the United Kingdom to declare war on Nazi…show more content…
This was the German invasion of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in Germany trying to control all of western Europe as he could. His plan of invading France was known as the Manstein Plan (Jackson, Julian (2003). The Fall of France: The Nazi Invasion of 1940. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-280300-9.)and was revised once before the plan was initialized. Manstein Plan was based on Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein who brought up the idea of the armies “should subsequently not move to the north but to the west, to execute a swift, deep, independent strategic penetration towards the English Channel without waiting for the main body of infantry divisions.” Battle of France. (2016, May 17). New World Encyclopedia, . Retrieved 12:57, February 23, 2017 from This idea however wasn’t exactly followed through with the battles it was revived by Hitler and Hitler’s military leaders. In 6 weeks from May 10th 1940, the German armies defeated the allies, conquered the countries and occupied them. Italy involved themselves with eh invasion on June 10th 1940 with the attempted invasion of France. Germanys planned on having a two successions of operation in defeated the allies. First they wanted to surround the forces that were based in…show more content…
Hitler wanted invade the western Soviet Union so he could repopulate it and get the recourses this area is known for. Originally the German forces gained land, with various victories and conquering the area which is the country of Ukraine. The Germans however stalled in the battle of Moscow and lost one of the most needed cities with the failed battle of Stalingrad. The push back by the soviets caused winter to come and the retreating German forces made a lot of casualties on the German side. The red army repelled all of the strongest battles and destroyed the German forces. Every single other battle, involvement or big operations in the Soviet Union failed and cause the two sided war in which Hitler didn’t want. The suffocating from the Americans and the red armies all destroyed what Hitler could do continuing

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