The Murder Of Telemachus In Homer's Odyssey

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When Telemachus returned home he had saw the suitors eating his food and drinking his wine.One of the suitors asks if he would like to join them but he refused.He went to his storage room which he got wine,barley,and oil.His nurse the person who had to pack his food asked him not to go.She had thought the suitors would make a plan to kill Telemanchus when he returned and then they would spilt up his inheritence.Telemachus reasurred her that it would not happen.Telemachus also said to no let his mother know of his journey for a few weeks so that his mother would not worry about him.Athen told the crew to meet at the boat.She then went to Telemachus’s house which then she had made the suitors drunk and sleepy.She led Telemanchus to the boat
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