The Muscogee Nation

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The Creek was not one tribe but a combination of several including the Natchez, Yuchi, etc. Even though they faced many difficulties, they are one of the most well-known tribes today in Oklahoma and were also one of the Five Civilized Tribes of that time. The Creek, now known as the Muscogee Nation, were a peaceful tribe residing in Oklahoma. However, after the ruthless reign of the British, French, and Spanish bestowed upon them, events took a horrifying turn. The Creek tribe, also known as the Muscogee, arrived in America before the 1500’s.They were one of the many tribes whose ancestors came from Asia and settled here. They originate from the southwestern parts of Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama. By this time there were about 6.7 million…show more content…
He and his people brought diseases with them and killed many of the natives. In the 1700’s many other explorers from Great Britain, France and Spain started arriving and treated the Muscogee people brutally for their land and goods. Even though to keep the peace, the Creeks bartered with them, the explorers were so greedy they wanted everything they had. In 1715, the Yamasee war began against the cheating British traders who captured Indians for enslavement (Treuer and etc.). This caused an eruption in the Creek people and they divided into two groups, The Upper Creek and the Lower…show more content…
Due to their weaknesses and not having enough ammo or warriors they had to give up all they made. Even after settling there, The Civil War in the 1860’s occurred and forced them to give up all their western land in the Indian Territory. They couldn’t attain peace for a very long time. They were like toys for the white people whom they could push around, just like the rich push around the poor. After all the difficulties they faced, they still made a place for themselves in the end even though they still faced problems. Nowadays, the Muscogee still face problems like finding jobs and health institutes. To avoid these problems, the Muscogee Nation has developed its own institutes, hospitals, colleges, etc. One famous college established by the Muscogee is the “College of The Muscogee Nation” (CMN) located at Okmulgee. There are also many Creek writers, artists and organizations. One famous writer is Joy Harjo who wrote the poetic story “For a Girl Becoming” in 2009 (Stone and Dwyer). All in all, the Muscogee (Creek) people have made a lot of progress and have made a life for themselves in
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