The Musgrave Ritual By Arthur Conan Doyle Essay

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The world of criminal investigation inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to filter his thoughts and opinions into the character Sherlock Holmes. Conan’s way of thinking was made into Sherlock’s methods for every case he solved. This showed how Conan truly processed solving crimes and how to do so. As Doyle continued to make the Sherlock Holmes books, more and more of his thoughts of how to solve mysteries became a way of life for the character Holmes. Conan’s thinking and knowledge of criminal investigation allowed his created character to be a reflexion of his ideas. In the story, The Musgrave Ritual, the two main parts of the atmosphere of the book are homicide and history. These are two ideas that Conan felt were important to solving criminal investigation. Therefore, he made Sherlock very educated in the subject history, and very observant when a case involved a murder. Although more techniques were used to solve this specific case, Doyle made Sherlock’s comprehension on murder and historical facts indicate that these two methods are very important, in his opinion, to solving investigations. Another example is the story the Bruce- Partington Plan. This book displays that Conan Doyle felt that deductive reasoning and carefully observing important clues are key components in the process of solving a crime. Holmes demonstrated this by thinking quickly…show more content…
The story ,The Dying Detective, exhibits Sherlock demonstrating these methods. Sherlock carefully strategies his plan to solve a case. This is done by ambushing, using signals, and thinking “outside the box”. There were an abundant more techniques used to solve this criminal case, however, Doyle constructed the story around Sherlock's thinking. This shows that Conan believed that having a careful thinking process and being about to outwit others is vital to solving
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