Diahann Carroll Funny Girl Analysis

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I viewed Diahann Carroll’s performance of a heartfelt love song, “The Music That Makes Me Dance” from Funny Girl. The song is written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill. Carroll’s recording was made in 1968, four years after the role of Fanny Brice had been made famous by Barbra Streisand. I view Carroll as a confident artist for putting this song out into the world after such a groundbreaking, well known performance of it circulated. All of this being said, her performance was spectacular and showed why she belonged to hold a spot in our memories. Diahann Carroll was able to bring her rich, gentle voice to a well known piece of music and make it her own, through subtle acting and a powerful emotional connection to the words she was singing. In the beginning of the song, Carroll has a low volume with a gentle voice. She may not need to project due to the range of the microphone (this is unknown to the viewer), but her voice carries regardless and holds a great resonation in not only her chest, but also in the room in which she is being recorded in. If her projection staggered any in the quieter beginning of the song she made up for it with superb and unique diction. She also used diction to have a stronger connection to the words she was singing. By choosing when to hold onto the “ing” at the end of words, better known as…show more content…
Everything she did was to better the performance, save the closing of her eyes, and they were all successful. Carroll was able to do something not many can do with the help of her round, warm timbre and low range that allows for strong resonance in her chest leading to beautiful, reliable vibrato. By enhancing this lovely voice with simplistic acting she is able the achieve something
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