Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Analysis

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an important look at the methods humans use in our interaction with our shared environments and how we relate differently to shared experiences (Cohen, D., Cohen M., Cross, H., 1981). Differences in how individuals relate to and understand our surroundings are displayed and sorted using scales for several fields. Extroversion and introversion are determined and assigned to this indicator using either E or I. A clear definition between sensing and intuition is also defined by the assignment of S or N. Also, thinking and feeling are compared and determined adding the letters of either T or F to the result. The last letter in ones conformed profile will include either J or P for judging compared to perception.…show more content…
My English teacher assigned us to write a poem and read it to the class as our final assignment of the year. Being that I enjoy writing, writing the poem was a piece of cake. I revised and recited my poem to friends and family for an entire week. I did this because I wanted to make sure that I was prepared to flawlessly recite my poem to my classmates and teacher. I wanted it to be perfect and I wanted everyone in the room to relate to the emotions and feelings I wanted to portray.When the day came, disaster struck. I was so focused on trying to recite my poem in a way where everyone would feel the sense of hope, love and respect, that in the end made me forget several lines of the poem, leaving puzzled looks in both my classmates and teacher. In this particular circumstance, I failed to communicate with my classmates and teachers the way I intended to. I was so focused on wanting my poem to touch every person in the room that it hindered my ability to deliver it as I wanted to. This example shows the struggle with the issue of my own perfection, something that is apparent in the INFP personality type. Also worrying about not being able to portray the feelings in my poem to my audience made me fall into a high level of stress which resulted in missing some of the lines in my poem. This was due, from what I recently learned, because as an INFP, I do not have a high level of tolerance to stress (Human Metrics Inc., 1998-2016.). Now if I had known the information I have recently learned about my personality type I would have handled this situation differently. I would not have focused on trying to read my poem and having it connect with the feelings and emotions of everyone in the room. I believe that seeing the faces of boredom and disinterest in my classmates made me stress about my performance even more. If I went back in time to 2006, standing in the middle of class, I would have mentally emerged in
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