The Mysterious Benedict Society Book Report

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The Gifted
The Mysterious Benedict Society is a book written by Trenton Lee Stewart. The story begins with a child named Reynie Mudoon who is reading the newspaper. He saw a strange column in the newspaper that read, "Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?" Reynie went to the designated place for the test-taking and was intrigued by the strange tests. He, along with three other children, were the only people to pass all of the tests. The children are introduced to Mr. Benedict who informs them that the world is endangered by the genius known as Mr. Curtain. Somehow Mr. Curtain sends subliminal messages to many people to get what he wants. The children become undercover agents at Mr. Curtains school to discover Mr. Curtains plans and stop him before it is too late. The children eventually foil his evil plot and each of the children gains a family of his or her own.
My favorite character in The Mysterious Benedict Society is Reynie Mudoon. He is smart and can piece information together and figure out puzzles and riddles throughout the book. Reynie finds friends in Constance, Kate, and Sticky, who are other talented and unusual children brought together by Nicholas Benedict. Reynie is a natural leader but because of his isolation and ridicule earlier in his youth, he worries he will let down his
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Three of the four children are orphans in this book, but all have felt unwanted and different than other kids. Sticky ran away from his home because he thought his parents said they would be better off without him. When Kate was little, her father promised to return to her, but he never did. Reynie and Constance were orphans with no friends their age until the four children met each other. Throughout the book, the children come to understand the blessings of friendship and companionship better than many people because they understand what it means to live a life without friends and
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