The Mysterious Benedict Society Summary

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The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart, illustrates a silly, intriguingly mysterious story where four kids learn the importance of the truth. In the present time, Reynard, who goes by Reynie, takes an adventure with his three new friends to stop a man with a mind-controlling machine, The Whisperer. Mr. Benedict organizes this team of intelligent children to go into the school where the scientist tests his machine. Putting them through tests, the children demonstrate their best gifts for the mission. Inside the isolated school Learning Institution for the Very Enlightened, the children meet the founder of the school, Mr. Curtain. At every turn, the children run through dangerous situations and solve problematic puzzles.

The team, Reynie as leader, Kate Wetherall, Sticky Washington, and Constance Contraire work with the help of Mr. Benedict and his assistances to first learn more about The Whisperer then, as Mr. Curtain gets closer to finishing the machine, the children take action to stop the machine. With witty lines and fun puzzles, this story provides an intriguing story for children and young adults, and the parents as well.
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One Executive at the school institute, Stewart describes as “a young man who considers himself rather smarter than he is, and who is naturally cruel but thinks himself a decent fellow” (155). One can picture this man and have an annoyance of him. Others, like the main character, Stewart makes that audience like by how he, only an orphan, thinks only of helping others, which he demonstrates multiple times. One rather large point Stewart makes is that because the kids love truth so much, they refuse to watch television. Making television as something one should not want, Stewart says that perhaps everyone should avoid
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