The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle Research Paper The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular place on the Atlantic, where a lot of ships and planes have disappeared without a trace. The Bermuda Triangle is located between the southern tip of Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It has many names like the Devil’s Triangle, Hoodoo Sea, and many more. The mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle can be summed up in two theories: magnetism and nothing at all. The Bermuda Triangle is known to be the site of dozens of ships and aircrafts mysteriously disappearing. The Bermuda Triangle has many names and is an area right of Florida, where aircrafts and ships have mysteriously vanished (Bermuda Triangle). The first time the Bermuda Triangle appeared to be a reprinted 1967 National Geographic Society press release: “The name “Bermuda Triangle” first appeared in a 1967 Argosy Magazine article by Vincent Gaddis (Van Riper). Furthermore, the earliest date of strange phenomena is all the way back in 1493, when Christopher Columbus wrote that his compass was acting strangely (Bermuda Triangle). Although there is a lot of speculation concerning what happened to every ship and plane that has vanished, no one knows what actually happened to them. For example, The most well-known disappearance was in 1945. Five plane bombers from Florida disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle while running a training mission. Five days and 930 flyovers there was no sign of the 5 bombers (Netzley 2). The many disappearances of ships and
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