The Mystery Of Being In Gattaca Summary

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The essay The Mystery of being in Gattaca by Dmetri Kakmi published in Issue 35 Australian Screen Education discusses the significance of Gattaca’s perfect society and why it would not work in our society. The article begins with the reason why we have insurances for unpredictable situations. In Gattaca’s caste system there is no need for insurance, because they are creating test-tube babies which have no diseases or imperfections. These are the valid humans in the movie, and on the other hand, there are in-valids who have physical or mental disabilities. The paper goes on to give specifics about Jerome who commits suicide and the director who is a murderer, but they were supposed to be perfect valids. In the end of the text the author gives examples why a perfect society could never work for us.
Even though the author believes a perfect society could not function, I think that he over-emphasizes his point because the audience already has that assumption. Kakmi thinks that I believe that a perfect society could work and intends to prove me wrong. He does this by giving several examples of people who are talented but have disabilities. He also gives examples of people who are supposed to be perfect but end up having mental problems. He gives the real life example of
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However, I think he is wrong by trying to convince the audience of that because the audience knows that already. In a wider context, I believe that this essay and the movie Gattaca should show us as humans that mistakes and failures make us special as humans and help us to improve. The importance is to learn from your mistakes, keep on going and stay yourself. It is normal to strive for perfection and it is a good attitude in your job, sports or in school, but always be aware of the people around you and the people that love you, that is what makes you
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