The Mystery Of King Tut

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An archeologist named Nicholas Reeves claims that he has found the tomb of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti in the Valley of the Kings near the resting of King Tutankhamun. For many years, the tomb of Nefertiti has been a mystery. Radar scans of Tutankhamun 's tomb have created suspicion of Nefertiti being in a veiled door. Many tests are still required to confirm this theory. Nefertiti 's tomb could a huge treasure for archeologists and solve the mysteries of King Tut’s tomb. Nefertiti may have been pharaoh after her husband, King Akhenaten 's, death, which means priceless treasures, like in King Tut’s tomb, are still hidden in her tomb. The treasures of King Tut is one of the most celebrated archaeological finds in the world.
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