The Mystery Rapture Satan's Mystery Weapon Summary

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The Mystery Rapture: Satan's Mystery Weapon 1. The Vow of Yahushua Second coming has been an Appreciated guarantee for almost 2,000 years. 2. It has fortified saints and console the desolate and heart-broken. 3. Yahushua needs His kin prepared for His Second Coming. He has cautioned everybody to watch and to be prepared and offered signs to search for as Harbingers of his arrival. 4. Satan needs individuals surprised. He realizes that when Yahushua gives back, the last fight will have as of now been battled; the immense discussion will finally be over. 5. The case for each individual will be always chosen when Yahushua returns. 6. Satan in this way tries to keep individuals far from getting prepared, so that the second coming will…show more content…
The child of Man should send forward his heavenly attendants, and they might accumulate out of his kingdom all things that annoy, and them which do evildoing; and might cast them into a heater of flame. There might be wailing and horrifying displays of violence. "At that point [at that time] should the equitable sparkle forward as the sun in the Kingdom of their dad." (Matthew 13: 38-43 KJV). The request of occasions as given by Yahushua himself is that the exemplary and the evil stay together until the very apocalypse. Furthermore, around then the underhanded are initially assembled in packs for obliteration. "At that point [at that time] might the equitable sparkle forward as the sun in the kingdom of their dad." (Matthew13:43, KJV). The mystery happiness negates sacred teaching so as to write that before the apocalypse; the upright will be taken out. Yahushua Realized that his unwavering devotees would be on the planet until the very end. There would be no mystery coming to whisk them out before the colossal time of inconvenience. It was thus; His last recorded words before climbing to paradise were the cherishing

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