'The Myth Of Co-Parenting'

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Co-parenting is an essential issue to a married couple. Co-parenting as a concept concerns with sharing responsibilities at workplace and home equally between the married couples. Co-parenting is a matter that both the couples strive to achieve and maintain regardless of how much it is hard to sustain it. Hope Edelman and Eric Bartels in "The Myth of Co-Parenting: How It Was Supposed to be. How it was." and "My Problem with Her Anger" respectively demonstrate through first-hand experiences the difficulties married couples face during co-parenting. With Edelman’s article “The Myth of Co-parenting: How it was supposed to be. How it was" coming from the notion of a frustrated wife and Bartels ' article "My problem with her Anger" perceives a distressed…show more content…
Bartels ' in "My Problem with Her" agrees with Edelman where he depicts the opinion of man chalking it up to the woman issues. Notably, the two articles, however, are written from different angles where Edelman expresses her views on the woman and Bartels on the man perspectives. They both share similar views on the issue at hand. Under several circumstances, co-parenting could be achievable. However, it is not as easy as one could imagine. Edelman acknowledges that she does not mind her working hours dropping from nearly thirty-five to twenty-five (Edelman 185). Nonetheless, that feeling of contentment is not permanent. Soon enough she recognizes that she has a lot to do to make up for the absence of her husband. However, she was not happy about it (185). It calls for her to prepare and cram fourteen hours of conversation in approximately twenty minutes when her husband finally arrives home and admittedly engages him with many different opinions and requests such as paint samples. Despite the time limits and anger, Edelman admits that this is not a common domestic issue (188). It is clear that she is mad at her husband (John) and Edelman acknowledges that none of them is right or wrong (189). That is according to Edelman’s point of
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