The Myth Of Neo Colonialism Analysis

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The purpose of this paper is to critically appraise an article entitled “The Myth of Neo-colonialism.” The author of the article is Tunde Obadina. The central theme of the article is to provide a clear, basic and well-illustrated of the legacy of colonialism and the myth of neo-colonialism. However, the article pays particular attention to African political structure, social and economic developments as well as modernization. The article portrays this and traces the development of the African societies before and during and after the colonial era. The article uses argues the reasons behind the colonization in the African societies as well as its merits and demerits. It is against this background that this paper seeks to provide a critical…show more content…
The advantages brought by the colonial era to the African continent abound. According to the author, one of the most important benefit of the colonialism is formal education, modern way of curing diseases and environmental sanitation. It was however argued that the purpose of colonialism was not meant for the benefit of the African people. In case of disarticulating affairs related to government and political structure the author has indicated that––the boundaries of the countries themselves were mostly totally artificial, they had been created at the European politicians with little or no regard for African’ multitude of pre-colonial nation-state and small-scale village communities. Since, the African Nationalist said that independence given to African is false because true freedom comes with economic independence and the author calls this kind of practice as Neo-colonialism. The false independence Blaming Africa's woes on colonialism and neo-colonialism strikes a chord with many educated Africans, but emphasis on external forces has drawn attention away from internal factors crucial to an understanding of Africa's condition. With or without colonialization, African societies would still today be faced with fundamental economic dilemmas, argues Tunde…show more content…
In doing so, Africa develop their own path, which the continent had become increasingly integrated economically, with trade occurring between North-south and east-west. Indeed, there is still a pattern of economic dependence continues, but the owners of the continent are still finding their truth own way. In general, the imposition of colonialism on the continent of Africa occurred for many reasons, not the least of which was economic. Alternatively, its development would be significantly different and many of the problems that plague it today would not exist. Overall, it was a very interesting, significant contribution to review this journal article of Myth of

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