The Myth Of Post-Racial America

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Post-racial America is a myth. The colorblind/post-racial theory that race no longer matters in America’s society and that the rights and racial order (mainly whites-blacks) of America in post-Civil Rights era just falls short of the truth. Up until 1964, the Jim Crow laws were state and local laws implementing racial segregation in Southern America. Both whites and African-Americans lived under the “separate but equal” status for black citizens and racism was the norm. July 2nd, 1964 brought the end of Jim Crow laws and introduced the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which became a landmark in America’s history by enforcing the civil rights of all citizens and outlawing discrimination based on one’s race, religion, sex, or color. Despite the introduction of post-racism law and equal rights, in today’s society it is no secret that America is anything but a post-racial nation.…show more content…
“New racism” could also be considered as a more subtle version of what seem to be “nonracial mechanisms and practices that comprise the racial regime of “post-racial” America” (Lang 4) has done everything except replace the name of Jim Crow to public attention. Also, the ideology behind color-blind racism is a new ideology that can lead to this mentality of looking beyond race and not recognizing it as an important cultural
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