The Myth Of The Cave Analysis

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You don't like my title, do you? You may be experiencing a little bit of irritation, you teeth are perhaps clenching, your mouth is probably drying. You are thinking "What is happening in the head of this woman?" and maybe, just maybe, if you were on twitter you would be cracking your fingers just about to tell me in 240 characters the little capacity that my brain has. Well, wait. Please, wait. Breathe and relax, count to three before you type, for you are on the verge of making a crucial mistake. However, how could you wait? How could you relax? Women have been oppressed since ancient Greek, when female body was only an aberrant and deformed version of the perfect one, which was the male body. We have been outraged, insulted, mistreated and…show more content…
If you do, then you will notice that the end of my story is a little bit different, but allow me to do so just to make my point clear: As you remember, a man manages to go out of the cave where he and his fellows have been confined since birth. The outside world is so rich in light and color, once he gets used to the powerful light of the sun, that he decides to return to the cave where his friends are still living in order to share this new marvelous space with them. Nevertheless, his friends don’t believe him. They can’t understand a world like that. The cave is all they know. They haven’t worn the “violet tinted glasses”, I mean, they haven’t been exposed to the light of the sun. The outside world does not exist for them. Of course, this makes our man distressed. He just wanted his fellows to stop being miserable in this horrid cave, but in return he just has received rejection. It’s absolutely comprehensible if his sadness turns into rage. It’s completely understandable if he loses his patience, if he decided to leave them in the cave to rot, if he in the light of the sun cracked his fingers just about to tell all of them in 240 characters the little capacity that their brains
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