The Myth Of The Overnight Success Summary

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The texts The Myth Of The Overnight Success by William Tait, and Check Your Gut by Rick Seltzer, are both very interesting reads that force the reader to examine their own life and ideals, as well as stress this idea that hard work is essential in order to succeed in business and in life.

The first article The Myth Of The Overnight Success, by William Tait, is found in the Business daily column for Medium Corporation. Tait touches on this false notion that has been engrained in our minds that success happens quickly. In a society that is accustomed to instant gratification the importance of hard work is lost. People want an easy fix. They want it fast and they want it now. The Myth of the overnight Success by Tait actually starts off with
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Tait’s article was very humorous and a much more inspiring read that anyone could relate to. He has a background in music and business so I’m sure the audience was intended for a musically oriented person just by the references he uses.
The research found in Check your guts was collected at “Operation: Start Up & Grow” business conference held in New York.
One of the main similarities that is drawn from both pieces of writing is the common theme that hard work is essential in order to achieve desired results in life and business. This myth that your guaranteed or entitled to success when that’s really not the case. You have to be willing to put in time in order to flourish.
Another Similarity that both articles stress, is how important it is to take initiative. "Lay it out and then make a decision." (Check your gut) this is a great point because often time’s people have great ideas and great instinct but because of self-doubt, laziness or fear we don’t take action. One of the main differences evident in both pieces of writing,
Throughout both pieces of writing we are able to see that hard work is a necessary aspect in life as well as when starting your own
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