War In The Iliad

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Homer’s Iliad is one of the best poem’s to be written. To include, the Iliad is one of the oldest, most famous, and one of the most breathtaking story about men during a period of war. You might begin to get addicted to mythology after reading this poem. Homer does a good job to show war in such a different way and to actually keep it fun and interesting. The theory and question for war is serious, because the phrase war does not show a lot about any specific fiction. After all, war, specifically the Trojan War can be to show an amazing wide range of the different stories crazy adventures, fairy tales, funny comedy, historical journeys, various styles of, romance, and so forth. War is made up of a lot of different stories. You might expect that it include so many narrative stories. Homers contributions to Greek mythology is displayed by his work. To begin with one of the most surprising things about the Iliad is how well known the details of the full Trojan War story Homer leaves out. The poem gives no details of how the war started. There are many of the most popular incidents in the opening and the closing parts of the Trojan war and if you pay attention. For example when the sacrifice of Iphigenia happened, and Odysseus and Achilles came along in the poem, , and one of the most important ones the Trojan Horse, and the fall of Troy. In the poem I noticed that Homer…show more content…
As we read the poem, we are always dealing with a new event involving specific people, but we need to also be aware of a larger picture, for these events are part of a longer time period. The famous poem which gets a lot of good and bad feedback, is to serve to remind us again and again that war is a condition of life itself and the repetition of war shows that no matter how long we live in this world even in the present right now that war will never will go
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